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Below are some of the comments from those who have recently taken bass guitar and double bass lessons at my home studio here in Manchester.

"I am very proud and happy to share my comment on this page... I have started my double bass lessons with Steve McEvoy only a couple of months ago and as an ultra beginner, with no previous music background, I cannot thanks Steve enough for the things that I am learning in the music theory and on the instrument. I have changed several teachers during the years, I always had just a only a couple of lessons and then I was quitting without go forward, this time I feel that I have found the right teacher, the right person able to deal with my not patient personality, he is always able to make my 2 hours lesson very interesting, never boring and most important never too complicated to understand. Steve is also super friendly and he is a very patient person, which I think is the most important value for a teacher. I can promise you that Music is NOT an easy thing to learn, learning music needs lots of time, practice and passion, but I can also say without any doubt that to have a good teacher make a huge difference in the learning process. No matter at what musical level you are, if you are a totally beginner like me or you want just improve your musical knowledge...Steve is the right person for you!! Ok, I have to stop now because I have to go to practice for my next lesson! ;-) " - Antonio

"I must recommend Steve to any bassists out there who are looking to improve. Steve is very knowledgeable and will help you to achieve your goals." - Phil

"Been having lessons with Steve for what will be approaching a year I think, how time flies. He is flexible and lessons are relaxed and enjoyable with a true feeling of progress after each and every one. He allows you to progress at your own speed and in keeping with what time you have at home to practise. Lessons are kept interesting with new material introduced regularly, but you never feel like you are falling behind or struggling to keep up. Theory is drip fed in as and when it helps or as a tie in sort of comment explaining how and why it works and how it all related. I travel in from Blackpool for a weekly lesson, so he must be doing something right. - Dean

Swingin' the blues in Radcliffe with Steve Mc has been a real pleasure; I'm learning blues/ jazz standards and in the handful of lessons I've had with Steve, he's already convinced (and helped) me to buy a double bass and start reading music - fine progress indeed! Steve is very knowledgeable and helpful and I love going to lessons knowing that I'm improving. You also get a cup of tea - a good one! Need I say more? - Paul

If you would like to find out more about the bass guitar and double bass lessons I run, then call me on 07949 778220 or drop me an email.